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Friday, June 3, 2011


Another week is gone.  Today I tried to watch what I eat in the attempts to start my trek to a fitter me.  Started the day with a serving of oatmeal.. luch was a tuna sandwich on wheat roll with lettuce, tomato and chedder.  Here comes the hard part - dinner.  It is Friday and I loooove eating out.  Italian has been my taste lately but I am going for sushimi instead.  High protein, low carbs.  There are a number of great restaurants in the city - ozumo, sushi groove south, mas sake, sushi rock.

Tomorrow I hope to get a run in early and do some plyo with my girfriend in the afternoon.  I figure the first week back to working out after about na year off will be pretty painful.  My goal is to not get so sore to where I will not be able to workout the rest of the week.  Hydrating and stretching are the key to getting through the first few days back.  One of the biggest problems people face is getting discouraged from pain and not continuing with the week.  we all know that 'one days rest" turns into a few weeks off.  Once I start my routine, I do not stop until my goal is reached.  I hope to walk you through my painful road back to being in shape and happy with my physique.  Please post comments or any words of wisdom!  Thnaks. 

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