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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hump Day

Happy Hump Day!  Half way through another week.  This one seems slow compared to our 4 day week last week.  Actually, every week should be a 4 day week!

So i've started running pretty regularly now and I'm managing about a mile/day before the wheezing and agony sets in.  I figure this will be a good start to getting to getting my body familiar with activities other than sitting and laying around!  I am trying to curb my diet as well - i bought raw carrots to munch on rather than chips and diet soda.  The problem with becoming lackadaisical is that your body craves junk food and lots of it.  The more you get in shape, the more these cravings subside.  Strange how that works - more exercise less food.. hmmm.. maybe I should clarify.. it works more like less quantities and more meals. 

Week one has been good so far.  I am tired but not overly sore which was my main concern.  Cardio is my main priority and then I will move into a more nautilus based workout with wieghts and plyo.  I am going to track my results with before and after pics.  Anyways - that's all for now.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  Remember to check out my sites -


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