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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My First Post

So this is my first post!!  I'm excited!  As you may see from my profile, I am in my 30s and eagerly trying to get back in shape.  I work in finance so as you can imagine the last few years were pretty tough on me - I moved to SF for a great job in 2007; market tanked in 2008 and I lost my job; I moved home to NJ to try and find work; no one was hiring so I worked odd jobs throughout 2009.  I finally moved back to SF for an opportunity in one of former organizations in early 2010 and I'm settled.  Considering the inconsistency in my life during that time, working out was not a part of my daily routine.  I can make excuses like, 1) I work market hours in Cali (5am - 3PM), 2) I am in a relationship and no longer need to workout (my favorite), 3) I have 2 dogs I need to look after, etc.

I mentioned I am from NJ but not "Jersey Shore" NJ actually more like "Abercrombie" NJ.  I'm not going to lie though, I had my phase of spiked hair, wife-beaters, tanning and lifting!  I will say that I was in good shape in my 20s.  I played sports throughout my childhood and swam through college.  When I starting working an office job, I maintained the workout regimen for about 10 years.  However, times have changed and I am not interested in bulking up anymore.. I simply want to get in shape.  Looking good is important but feeling healthy is taking precedence now.

So a little about me - I live with my girlfriend and 2 dogs - one is a weiner dog we had since he was a puppy (now he's one) and the other is a little mutt that pees all over everything and hates everyone but my girlfriend, including me.  She has to wear a diaper around the house and we recently received threats of eviction because she bark incessantly.  I think an electric bark collar is inhumane so I got the next best thing to help remedy our little dilemma - a citrus scented spray collar!  Too funny!  I come home and she is silent and smells like oranges.  It is not harmful, dogs just don't like the smell. 

Anyways - enough for the first post.  I will be in touch and let you know how my road to weight loss goes.  Thanks!

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